Immigrant Spirit Podcast #24: Marc-Stefan Brodbeck, CEO of JobsfromGermany talks about English jobs with his clients

Guest: Marc-Stefan Brodbeck, CEO of JobsfromGermany Marc-Stefan Brodbeck started JobsfromGermany after a long career in recruiting for Deutsche Telekom and other organisations. Marc-Stefan will introduce English jobs that his clients offer right now – both in Germany and in other EU countries. Join live and ask Marc-Stefan your questions. LIVE […]

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The Immigrant Spirit Podcast with Chris Pyak

How To Win Jobs & Influence Germans

Let’s face it. If you are a foreigner, if you are too young, too old or a woman who might want children at some point in her career: Then you face nothing but obstacles in your career. German HR managers don’t look kindly on any candidate who doesn’t fit the […]

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