Did some google searches this morning. I am old fashioned like that.

Did you know that there is no good guide out there on how to manage the emotional distance between you and your fans?

I mean, you want to come off as approachable and kind, despite the fact that your fans put you on a pedestal and worship your outer worldly writing skills.

You want to thread them at eye level, make them comfortable, make them nearly forget that you are an artist, kissed by the muse while they are mere mortals grinding away in insignificant jobs like nurses, scientists or barristas.

But, as I said above, no advice on this important topic is available.

Despite the fact that this is a rather important topic. Because: How do you avoid going too far in your kindness?

Your raging fans, overwhelmed by your presence, might take your kind words as something “more” than what they mean – pure politeness. They, in their maddening love for you and your work, might actually believe that you are now friends. Their expectations might rise skyhigh to unrealistic levels, that can lead only to crushing disappointment once they realise that their imagined relationship with you is just a phantasy.

And then what? This sudden shock can break them, emotionally, psychologically, physically.

If you don't find the right balance between kindness and boundaries, they might get hurt. Or worse: You might get hurt.

But, alas, no guide on this topic exists.

“I shall move forward and create such a guide”, would be my natural first instinct.

But: I don't have the time.


I don't have fans.

Have a nice week.

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