Brutes of the Dark Ages

“Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance.” – This is the fundamental conflict between the open society and its enemies, expressed in one sentence. It wasn’t a politician or a religious leader who said this, but someone whose profession it is to place a huge question mark on our assumptions and beliefs: comedian Russell Brand.

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Happy Job Hunt

For a decade now I notice the same phenomenon: Every year after the summer holidays, German employers start to hire at an accelerated pace. I believe the reason is very simple: Managers need to defend their budget and unfilled positions make them vulnerable to budget cuts. That’s why Expats looking […]

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Solarpunk – A better future

I think we all deserve a break from bad news. During the last months I took a course for Narrative Podcasts at NYU. Here is the result: Solarpunk is a fictional podcast from the year 2047. It’s kind of an Immigrant Tale. It’s about the joy of starting fresh and […]

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Eric Molinksy, Wizard of Time

I am a huge fan of Imaginary Worlds Podcast. That’s why I was thrilled to talk with @ericmolinsky about his journey from animator to audio artist. The episode is called “Eric Molinsky, Wizard of Time”. If you dream of a career change or even a new life in a foreign […]

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"Hangover" short story by Chris Pyak


705.. 706.. 707.. ..708. This seems to be alright. Sam put down his toolbox. He took out a crowbar, hesitated for a moment and then pushed it hard between the door and the frame. The door broke open with a loud crack. The sudden sound gave Sam a jerk. His […]

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How Jaesook Got A Job in Germany

Sometimes readers share their story with me. Jaesook wrote me a few back to explain how he got his first job in Germany. “Dear Chris, I would like to express my thanks for your information through webinar and through your book.For a year, I have been looking for a job […]

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Chris Pyak, Author

Die Schildkröte und der Playboy Bunny

Ich möchte Dir eine wahre Geschichte erzählen. Sie wird Dich inspirieren und erheitern. Versprochen.

Es ist die Geschichte eines Mannes, der durch außergewöhnliche Hingabe, die ganze Welt gerettet hat. Nun ja, zumindest seine ganze Welt.

Die Geschichte ereignete sich in den 60er Jahren, auf den Galapagos Inseln.

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Aber wo kommst Du ursprünglich her?

Ich habe vor Kurzem MyHeritage ausprobiert. Dank der DNA Analyse weiß ich nun, dass ich neben 2/3 Mitteleuropäer auch ein Drittel Engländer und einen Schuß Irisch bin… 😉 Außerdem habe ich eine Cousine zweiten Grades gefunden. Kleiner Tipp: Wir alle haben Vorfahren die von einem Ort zum anderen gewandert sind. […]

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