Warum ich Heuchelei nicht ertrage

“Instead of authenticity talk about honesty. Instead of likeability talk about decency. Talk about consistency and integrity, before you talk about these other ephemeral ideas about #presentation.” Jon Lovett Jon ist ein Komiker und war Redenschreiber von Barack Obama. In Momenten wie diesen zeigt er, das er auch ein zutiefst […]

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ISP 040 Good Jobs Take Time. Great Jobs Happen Instantly

Christmas hope for expats searching for their next job. I noticed this for several years: In the 8 weeks before Christmas a record number of my clients get hired. Companies try to fill vacancies before the new year starts. What takes months during the year, gets solved in weeks before Christmas. […]

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Hired! Testimonials for Chris Pyak. Expats find jobs in Germany

Prakash Got A Job

Very Positive Interview and I am in. There will be one more casual Skype interview with the colleagues to understand the work atmosphere and scenario. I thank you for all your supports! Prakash Kumar   You are an international professional looking for your first job in Germany? You write lots […]

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Alex Got A Job

Hi Chris, Good news – I start in January. Not only have I an excellent job for a leading construction consultancy, it is also in the part of Germany that I wanted! I would like to take the time to observe how remarkable your methods are. Without them the interview […]

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Einwanderung: Drei Lebenslügen

Für “Die Kolumnisten” habe ich das geplante Fachkräfte-Einwanderungsgesetz kommentiert. Neue Gesetze helfen wenig, wenn wir uns nicht von unseren Lebenslügen verabschieden. Hier geht es zur Kolumne. Ich freue mich auf die Diskussion bei “Die Kolumnisten”.

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