Jobseeker Visa Germany. Explained by Chris Pyak

ISP 026 Jobseeker Visa Germany: Answers!

Jobseeker Visa Germany: Answers To Your Questions Jobseeker Visa Germany. Three words full of hope and bureaucracy. Chris Pyak answers your questions about the jobseeker visa Germany. From “A” like “Anabin” to “Z” like “ZAV”. Click here for additional infos regarding the jobseeker visa Germany. (PS You can also listen […]

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Fadi Got A Job Part 2

Read Part One of my interview with Fadi Shannan or listen to the audio podcast. email to confirm the job offer. I understood that after being in Germany, there is another procedure for me as international candidate, which takes almost another three months. Which, they don’t have to go through […]

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Hired! Testimonials for Chris Pyak. Expats find jobs in Germany

How To Win Jobs & Influence Germans

Let’s face it. If you are a foreigner, if you are too young, too old or a woman who might want children at some point in her career: Then you face nothing but obstacles in your career. German HR managers don’t look kindly on any candidate who doesn’t fit the […]

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