Killer Spoon

He woke up when the sun touched his face. He turned over in his bed and smiled. His anxiety and sorrow were gone. All night long he had nightmares; now he was as calm as this spring morning.  In his dream he had relived a scene from “The Chronicles of Riddick” – over and over again. Kyra gets harassed in prison and Riddick kills the guy with a sharpened metal coffee cup. He knew: He could do better.

She arrived during teatime. All smiles. Only the eyes showed the sadistic pleasure she had in torturing him. She knew she won and that she had him at her mercy. “Come into the kitchen. I made a fresh pot of coffee”, he said. Once there, he took two cups out of the cupboard and rummaged through the drawer for a clean teaspoon.

“You will have to clean the place, before you hand over the keys”, she said. His hand froze in midair. He turned around and pointed the teaspoon at her. “I will kill you with this spoon”, he told her, still wearing his smile like a rubber mask. He put sweetener into his coffee and two spoons of sugar into hers. Just like she always liked it.

They sat down and drank their coffee. It tasted strong and bitter for him. Sweet and thick for her. “So?” she said: “You called me over so that you can kill me? Or do you have something important to say? “

“You will never live in this house. But I saved you a spot under the compost heap. Cupcakes with the coffee?”

“I don't have time for cupcakes. I don't have time for your stupid games, either. What do you want?”

“Why are you in such a hurry? These are the last moments of your life. I suggest you enjoy them as long as you can.”

“Oh yes, I know. You gonna kill me with the spoon, right? Go on then, superman.”

He cringed at the botched reference. God, she was stupid. Slowly he put down his coffee and looked at her. “I already did.”

Her lips turned purple.

“You need to write a lot of bad stuff to become a good writer.” In this category I post short stories and sometimes just scenes that I wrote when I had a free moment. I hope you enjoy some of them. Let me know how you liked it via twitter. 🙂

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