This is the way to start your day. 🙂 My coaching client Kenneth got a job!

Here is Kenneth message:

Hi Chris,

I have accepted an offer received from a firm that was contacted via the process. I start on Monday and look forward to making a success of this break into the German employment market. As I said at the start, I know from prior experience in other situations, the process is effective. Despite it taking longer than I anticipated it has yielded the magical result.

There are still some open options, mainly from my own parallel endeavours, that I will allow to run their course to see how they play out. I am entirely unfamiliar with the fact that companies literally take years in some cases to fill a position that essential to their business strategy. I thank you for having the insight into the brutal reality faced by legal aliens and even EU nationals across Europe, where daily life on the ground is completely at odds with the glib political rhetoric that is freely expounded. We should also stay in touch.

I intend to keep growing my network routinely. Although I find most people are more interested in increasing the number of connections rather than actual networking as a community of interest or practice. Hopefully I will also have more time to spend on non ‘getting-hired-activity' whenever there is something meaningful to share on these forums.

I wish you continued success and all the best to your clients still awaiting their opportunity to be able to work.

Best regards, Kenneth


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