I am a huge fan of Imaginary Worlds Podcast. That's why I was thrilled to talk with @ericmolinsky about his journey from animator to audio artist.

The episode is called “Eric Molinsky, Wizard of Time”.

If you dream of a career change or even a new life in a foreign country – Eric's story offers lots of inspiration and life lessons. (There's lots in Eric's experience that you can apply to your own life.)

Plus: You can hear me make a fool out of myself, because I got embarrased about revealing how much I value the worlds that Eric creates every two weeks in ImaginaryWorlds.

You can listen on my website “Living Unconventionally”.

Or listen directly on your mobile device:

iOS (Apple Podcasts)

Android (Google Podcasts)



I had a wonderful time talking to Eric – and I am sure you will to listening to our conversation.  Give yourself some positive energy! 🙂

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