Whole – The Story of Karl and Klärchen

“Whole – The Story of Karl and Klärchen”
by Chris Pyak

“Whole” 2/7

Read from start. “There, your wedding bed awaits”, my colleague joked. The humour of nurses tends to skip sophistication and goes right to the punch-line. Who knows if your audience will still be alive by the end of the joke? The hospital room was once again calm and clean. Klärchen, […]

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“Whole” 3/7

Read from the start “Can you feel this?” he asked and offered his open palm to me in an invitation. As soon as he felt my hand close by he grabbed my index finger with his fist. “Got you!” he laughed. Then he gently let my fingers feel the pink […]

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“Whole” 4/7

Read from the start “I need to take another test!” Klärchen frowned. Karl took her hand and gently stroked it: “Don’t worry. It’s about the new medicine.” Klärchen raised her eyebrows. “They want to see if the medicine is working!” Klärchen nodded. “The test is tomorrow.” Klärchen nodded.  “At nine […]

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“Whole” 5/7

Read from the start. The two of them had always loved cooking. They even had one of those robotic kitchens at home, where you put on gloves and a jumpsuit covered in sensors and recorded all your movement while cooking – so that the robot arms of the kitchen could […]

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“Whole” 6/7

Read from the start At this point the nurses decided to pay them a little visit. Just to check on them. Karl was startled, when suddenly my colleagues entered the room. He jumped up from his chair, then groaned in pain as every bone, muscle and tendon in his body […]

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“Whole” 7/7

Read from the start. Karl and Klärchen had collected a lot of “Karma points” during their lives. They had nurtured each other with tenderness and love and by doing so reminded everyone around them, that at our core we are good people and seek kindness in this world. You spent […]

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