Expats Career LIVE Q&A with Chris Pyak
Wednesday, 29 April 2020
17.00 Central European Time

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Apply only for jobs after you already got the job interview.

In this special edition of the Expats Career Webinar I will share with you how my clients and win the job before they even apply.


Charmaine got a job
Chris….. I got a job… Through my connections.. Thanks for encouraging me and inspiring me to keep fighting and getting in contact with all possible people who could help me!!
Charmaine Kemeny

Phuong Linh got a job
Hello Chris, Hope you do still remember me ? Just want to let you know that I got a job offer! You are right, we (foreigners) just don’t know the correct way to approach German employers, but we are not inferior to any German applicants! Thank you, Chris, for your useful tips!
Phuong Linh

Rachel got a job
I actually attended one of your webinars back in 2016 when I was starting the job hunt, I took many notes and thankfully found a job here at InterNations.
Rachel Enright, InterNations GmbH

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