Note: This service is only available till Christmas Eve 2020.

This is why you need this.

Coronavirus makes employers choose more carefully. Trust decides if you get a job!

The number of new job ads has recovered in Germany. Ironically Covid19 had one positive effect for international professionals looking for a job in Germany:  Employers are more willing to try new things. Now that they embrace homeoffice, they are also more open to hire in English. The number of German companies that advertise jobs in English has quadrupled: From just one percent to four percent

Still: Trying something new requires trust.  If managers trust you, then “language”, “visa” and other obstacles to hiring you become less relevant.


This is what you get.

You get job interviews with the decision makers. Better: You get job interviews before you even apply! Ignore HR, speak directly with your future supervisor and maximise your value to the employer. (Which translates directly into higher salary potential.)

English jobs Germany
English jobs Germany

If you start today you can be in touch with the first hiring manager within a week or two!

This is how we get there.

Together we will build “warm” contacts to the actual hiring manager instead of HR. For recruiters you are just an email in their inbox. But the hiring manager has targets to achieve, deadlines to meet and problems to solve.

Talking to the hiring manager will allow you to learn about the company’s biggest challenges. By offering solutions to these challenges you immediately prove your value. Questions like language, visa and location become less important if you can solve the hiring manager’s biggest problem.


This is what we do.

We will have two coaching sessions. The first session will last up to 90 minutes. We analyse your individual situation and find nearly all potential employers for you. You also get a list of 100 job ads that fit your search criteria. Most importantly: We develope a strategy that allows you to build professional relationships with the actual decision makers.
Trust is now the number one decision factor for employers. We will build this trust.

We talk again after you had some real life experience with managers. In this second 30 minute session we will discuss all the new questions that you will have for sure. All coaching is done via zoom.

This is what you get out of this coaching.

  • Find (nearly) all employers who offer fitting jobs for you, by searching a professional database.
  • Immediately download 100 fitting job ads to get you started.
  • Learn how you find the decision maker behind a job offer. Usually your future supervisor.
  • Use the “downtime” of the crisis to build professional relationships with decision makers.
  • Create trust that makes you the top choice for the job.

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Is this course for me?

You probably have experienced this already: That nasty feeling that your job application was rejected, not because of any fault on your side – but because you don't fit into an artificial “ISO norm”:

  • “Too old”
  • “Too young”
  • “Too female (She might want children soon)”
  • “Too foreign (He doesn't speak the language)”

None of this matters! HR just uses this excuses, because they don't understand the real success criteria of any position.

I helped international professionals from all over the world, all genders, ages and every shade of colour to get wonderful jobs. Just one or two spoke the local language. Most of them speak English.

We are successful because we ignore HR. I teach you to build a human connection with the actual manager, your future boss. My clients worked in all kind of professions: Software Developers (of course), Construction Managers, Sales Engineers, Graphic Designers, Project Managers… you name it. Some of them just graduated from Universiy, others had 30 years of experience. Some of them had been searching for a job in Europe for 3-4 years, had written hundreds of job applications.

Only two criteria decide if you get a wonderful job:

Your empathy in connecting with managers and your persistence in constantly reviewing and refining your approach. Chris will be with you every step in this learning process.

Choose a date for your first coaching session.

Your Coach

Chris Pyak lived and worked in 5 countries and 4 cultures. In 2011 he returned to Germany, recruiting international talent for organisations like Trivago, Innogames or the Red Cross. Chris Pyak now works exclusively for international professionals, not employers.

His work has been featured in major German news outlets like “Die Welt”, “Handelsblatt”, “Deutsche Welle” and others. The Author of “How To Win Jobs & Infuence Germans” has helped hundreds of Expatriates find their first job in Germany.

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