It was an interesting experience. Opportunities come from unexpected spots. I started last December, and am very very happy with the role, although it is “befristet”. My employer said that they intend to keep me. 🙂
JS Cheong

Read Jaesook's full story here.

Get the English jobs in Germany!

Hello Mr. Pyak. I hope you're doing great. Actually I was excited to share this news with you, last week I got a job offer from a German employer near to Berlin. I am very much happy because coming to Germany and finding a professional job was my dream. Mainly to share your ideas and methods do work for me by reading your book and attending your podcasts which were really helpful to me. I am looking forward to the last podcast for this year.

Until then, I wish you a happy Advent season, a Merry Christmas and a good start into the year 2020.
Peeyush Ninawe

Hi Chris! You are right, they offered me the position:) I said I will give them a confirmation in 2 days. S.Z.

Hi Chris, I have a news to share. I have got job offer from COMPANY NAME. I will start work from Jan 1st 2020. Thanks a lot.
Madhuri Akella

Hi Chris, good news to share. I just got a call from (COMPANY) to offer me the job! They told me that my presentation impress them very positively and they would like to count with me. I am starting in the first of January. Many thanks for your support and advise. It was hard, but it worked 🙂
Joao Pereira

I just want to tell you that I found a much better job. I have been in the new job for over a month now. Everything is great. And Munich is a great city with a lot of opportunities for international professionals. I think to be successfully in landing a good job is your methods+ consistent practice+ encourage + some luck. I still clearly remember how desperate I was 1.5 years ago just to land a job :).
Ni Zhang

I have landed a job in my dream company in Shanghai by just following the tips you gave in the last webinar.
Gaurav Gulati

Very Positive Interview and I am in. There will be one more casual Skype interview with the colleagues to understand the work atmosphere and scenario. I thank you for all your supports!
Prakash Kumar

Good news – I start in January. Not only have I an excellent job for a leading construction consultancy, it is also in the part of Germany that I wanted! I would like to take the time to observe how remarkable your methods are.
Alex Lockwood

(Click here for full testimonial)

I am happy to inform you that I have been offered a job. This job offer meets my expectations. I will start from October 15th. I have received the offer letter and will have to sign it. I tried calling you on your mobile number, perhaps you were unavailable to take my call. So, its proven again. Your method works. I had no doubt about it but I am surprised how quickly this lead to the job I wanted.

I just wanted to have a word with you over telephone. And thank you for your help in my endeavor.

Ashwin Athani

I have accepted an offer received from a firm that was contacted via the process. I start on Monday… (Read the full testimonial)

Hi Chris. Hope you are doing well. I’ve got a job although I didn’t book you exclusive service. But I’ve read your book joined one of your online seminars. Although there were a lot of craziness to get a work permit after I received an offer but everything works fine now. Anyways, I just want to say thank you and if you ever need me to share my story or write something. I will be happy to do so. Thanks again and all the best to you.
Ni Zhang

I read your book and applied the knowledge gained and your tactics in approaching the application process. I initially got an internship position from a company that rejected my application for a job position, and now found a job at a global company. Thanks for your knowledge and insights.

With great sence of joy and accomplishment, I just got off the phone with a manager from a company and the conversion was great. He has told me to send my cv and cover letter directly his email address. He called me back again to confirm his email address with me.
I am very glad and thankful to you as always.
Ibrahim Oluwa

Hi all. I'm leaving these messages amd sharing my experience of last week before the call starts for 2 reasons, 1. It will be long, 2. I am going partying to celebrate getting a new job.
My experience is almost exactly how Chris told us it would be. His tip on talking directly to the hiring manager and not the HR works! It happened for me so it can happen for everyone.
Naveen Desiraju​ (Read Naveen's full story & best practices)

Hey, Chris. Great news, I've got that job offer!
Zhe Huang

Dear Chris, I would like to thank you for your support and help in the job hunt!)… I now working in Hannover in the field of airports' planning… I was lucky not to deal with the HRs, when I applied I was directly contacted with the “Vorstand” (professionals) and after the interview they offered me the Contract in 15 minutes!))… I think that your business is extremely important for immigrants and I wish you to develop it as much as possible. Thank you and have a nice Sunday.
Maria Krylova

Fadi Got A Job. Expats searching for a job in Germany get best practices from Chris Pyak's (former) coachee.

Hi Chris, I wanted to let you know that I have been offered a job in Munich and I have accepted. I start on the first of a February.

I would like to thank you for your help and for introducing me to the company. That made all the difference. It has been a long journey finding a job but all it took was your introduction. Thanks again.
Oscar Prabhakar

Good morning Chris, I got the Space Company Job as well as their International Sales Leader for Space / Planetary Missions business. Mainly work with other space agencies.

Hi Chris, they offered me a job! Just finished the call. Well done Chris – it was your doing through your contacts!
Voi Sosnowski

Dear Chris, I am writing this message with immense pleasure, I have received an offer yesterday from a reputed company. It's a fulltime permanent employment. I thank you very much for your support and the time we spent together in career coaching.

Dear Chris,
I got two job offers. It took me more than 6 months to get here.I never thought I would end up with multiple opportunities in the month of December and during Holiday season.
And I Thank You of course for all the support & motivation & guidance during the process.

Hi Chris,
I just would like to inform you that i found a job. I'm really happy since this is an interesting position and in the same industry that I'm used to work with. Thanks once again for the useful tips that you provide in your book.
Sónia Derreumaux

Chris….. I got a job… Through my connections.. Thanks for encouraging me and inspiring me to keep fighting and getting in contact with all possible people who could help me!!
Charmaine Kemeny

Hello Chris, Hope you do still remember me ? Just want to let you know that I got a job offer! You are right, we (foreigners) just don’t know the correct way to approach German employers, but we are not inferior to any German applicants! Thank you, Chris, for your useful tips!
Phuong Linh

I actually attended one of your webinars back in 2016 when I was starting the job hunt, I took many notes and thankfully found a job here at InterNations.
Rachel Enright, InterNations GmbH

Ich freue mich dir zu sagen, dass ich eine Stelle in Deutschland gefunden habe. Ich fange am 1.11. als Projektleiter… in Frankfurt an ? Deine Hilfe und Tipps funktionieren und haben mit sehr dabei geholfen.
Martin Enting

Hello Chris, I would like you to thank you for your help. The jobs posted on your page as your advices, proved very handy. I have a job offer and I am moving to Germany.
Anamaria Crisan

I forgot to tell you that I was offered a contract in München 3 weeks ago. It was a big accomplishment achieved to a large extend due to your help.
So, I just wanted to thank you once again. On the other hand, I also found an opportunity in Sweden, which is best fitted to my experience. Then I’ve decided to take it. Have a nice day and thank you for all your help,
Ing. Jose Mendes

If you need help pushing your career in Germany to the next level: Have a look here.
“Being from North America I was unfamiliar with the interview process in Germany. With Chris’s help I was able to identify what I really wanted and how to quickly determine what potential employers are looking for.
I learned the best way to conduct a job interview, which are the best questions to ask and how to make it easy for potential employers to present me will a job offer. Being part of the contributors circle was also very important for me.
During the weekly calls with other job seekers we discussed our challenges, successes and were able to share helpful hints with each other. I am grateful for the support, learned a lot and was successful in finding my next career step.”
Vanessa Burnand, Airbus

Hi Chris, I wanted to let you know that I’m enjoying my new job at the GIZ Interesting projects and a friendly international team! Thank you again for your invaluable coaching and support!
Samantha Ölz, Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit

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