“Whatever it takes”. Chris Pyak will help you achieve your goal. For 13 years Chris helped international professionals to succeed in one of the toughest job markets for “unusual” people in the world: Germany.

More than 200 professionals from around the world got their next job thanks to Chris Pyak's support. Chris Pyak is a recognised expert in the field of career change and immigration. Quality media in Germany from ARD to “Die Zeit” value Chris' insight into topics like labour shortage, constant change and adaption strategies.

Now Chris moved on to a new adventure himself: In 2022 Chris moved to Santander, Spain to start a new career as a writer. You can still secure his help in achieving your personal goals, though – for a while.

What do you want?

Discuss your goals with Chris and together we develop a strategy to achieve your goal. At the end of the coaching you will have a clear idea about:

  • – Which goal do you want to achieve (and why)
  • – Who are your potential allies
  • – What resources you can use
  • – Which blind spots you might have missed
  • – Who are your potential opponents (and what to do about them)
  • – Which obstacles you need to overcome (and how to do this)

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What clients say about Chris Pyak

“Hi Chris, Thank you so much for your help and guidance – I learned a lot from you! Your unique method really paid off and I have some great news…! I received an offer about a week ago at one of the most incredible companies on the planet!”
Malan Marais

“Hello Chris, Great news, I just received in this call the offer! Thank you very much for everything. I’m very happy. I scheduled a call Friday with you, so we can discuss it better.”
André Figueiredo

“I would like to let you know that I did land a job in Munich despite the corona situation. It was an extremely difficult situation as you already know but I ended up landing 3 job offers. So thank you for your help.”
Lisa Zhang

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