I interview German employers who offer English speaking jobs in Germany. I collect questions from my listeners before each live podcast.

Ask your most pressing English job question and get an answer.

Two options:

A) Ask me (Chris Pyak) your question about English jobs in Germany.

B) Ask my podcast guest: It's always a German employer offering jobs in Germany for foreigners. (See below for a list of future guests on the Immigrant Spirit Podcast.)

Important: With your recording you agree that I will play your audio on my podcast and mention your name. You also agree to give me full copyright of your audio and text.

These are the next guests that you can ask about English jobs in Germany for foreigners.

Upcoming Podcasts

19 June 2018. One Year “How To Win Jobs & Influence Germans.” Lessons learned.
03 July 2018. Expats Career Webinar with Chris Pyak (Free registration required).
09 July 2018. Meggy Sailer, Head of Recruiting at Lilium Aviation