Hello! I am Chris Pyak, host of
The Immigrant Spirit Podcast.

I will send you a reminder via email 15 minutes before the live podcast.

My advice:

Ask my guest a smart question about her or his challenge (not yours).

Care about the manager's problems instead of your own: That makes you stand out of the crowd.

The manager will remember you, when you later apply for the job that is offered in my podcast.


My second advice:

Use my Immigrant Spirit Podcast to understand the challenge of the manger in detail.

1. What is it concretely, that keeps her or him up at night?

2. Why is that so important?

How do you find out? Ask the manager a smart question! That's why we do this podcast live!


3. Then apply for the job and address this concrete problem in your cover letter. Describe how you solved a similar challenge for a former employer. Explain the results that you got.*


I promise: Your cover letter will shine like a searchlight in a sea of “bla bla” job applications.


*Do you want a profi tip? There is one more thing you could do. Join my next free Expats Career Webinar and find out.