Naveen Desiraju got a job in Germany. Naveen was a participant in the “test run” of my new course for international jobseekers in Germany. In three short weeks the participants reach out to 25 German managers and aim to establish a first skype interview with at least 5 of them.

Naveen shared his success with us during a live coaching session on 18. April 2018. He wrote his story in the chat window – it's quite a thrilling read. Here is what Naveen told us:

Naveen Got A Job In Germany. Transcript from Chat during the LIVE Q&A with Chris Pyak on 18. April 2018:

Naveen Desiraju​. Hi all. I'm leaving these messages amd sharing my experience of last week before the call starts for 2 reasons, 1. It will be long, 2. I am going partying to celebrate getting a new job.

My experience is almost exactly how Chris told us it would be. His tip on talking directly to the hiring manager and not the HR works! It happened for me so it can happen for everyone.

Last Thursday I contacted an employee of the company I wanted to work on linkedIn. The common things between me and them was that they were from my country (automatically they would trust me) and …

they had worked for my previous company (even though it was in a different team and i never met them there). So i was stranger withba few important common points.


Chris Pyak​. Naveen, did you already get a job offer?


Naveen Desiraju​. Yes Chris, I got an offer today and accepted it.

After 1 hr chat on LinkedIn they told me everything about their team and other teams in the company. I had already applied to their team through a recruiting agency in March, but didn't even get…

through step 1 of the process because on the job requirements it said one should have German C1/C2 (which i dont have). This team member told me that it is only on paper and

in reality they will take anyone who is good enough and can maybe speak a little bit german to fit into the team. They forwarded my CV to their manager and also manager of another team for which I actually wanted to work for.

This other team didnt even advertise any openings on thier team so it was a surprise to me that they were hiring. The manager was impressed with my CV and offered me a skype on monday.

Luckily it turned out that the manager had also worked in my previous company and was leader of a different team. l had never met him too, but he remembered seeing me in some meetings.

So there was instant trust and my CV did the resy. By the time i had the interview i was 90% sure i had the job. After a 30 min, mostly about practical issues, i was 100% sure.

I received an offer today and said yes. The most surprising thing is it worked despite the fact have 0 experience in the job Im gonna join, I had only have relevant academic knowledge of the field.

So i feel I got the job coz I contacted someone in the team at the exact time when they were looking for people. The recruiters are useless.

Chris Pyak’s Take

There are four great lessons here. Naveen had the same experiences than many of my clients who are successful in finding a job in Germany.

First: The recruiter told him that German was a requirement. But when Naveen talked to the team members who did the actual work – he found out that this was not true  – and that he could start working in English.

Second: Naveen was successful because he reached out to the actual team members – and ignored the recruiter.

Third: Naveen could establish a connection, because he and the manager had something in common. They both worked for the same company in the past. This builds trust.

My wife Evgenia made the same experience when she moved from Moscow to Düsseldorf. Her new boss used to work for the same companies (Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank) as she did. So, it was easier to trust that she is a professional.

Fourth: There was a job for Naveen – but it wasn’t advertised. The job that Naveen actually got, was a position that he didn’t even knew it existed. Naveen only found out about this opportunity because he talked to someone in the company.

Up to 75 percent of all job openings in Germany are filled in the hidden job market, claims Barbara H. Lutz of Hunting/Her.


The lesson: Trust in your network. Reach out to the people around you and ask them about their biggest challenges – and why they are so important. You might be surprised how many job opportunities are directly in front of your nose.

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Hired! Testimonials for Chris Pyak. Expats find jobs in Germany
Hired! Testimonials for Chris Pyak. Expats find jobs in Germany

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