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International professionals: This course is for you!

You are an international professional looking for a job in Germany. You have a good education and you have great work experience. But no one in Germany seems to value your professionalism.

50, 100, 150 job applications and all you get is: „You are over qualified“ – or no answer at all. Which is terrible. Because you can’t learn what you should do different to get a job in Germany.

The usual application process is made for usual candidates. If you are „unusual“ then you get rejected.


The Solution. „I think we should see other people.“

This is how international professionals get jobs in Germany. You ignore HR. Instead you talk to the people who feel the pain:

The actual hiring manager. The manager has goals to achieve, deadlines to meet and problems to solve. If you can understand the managers specific problem better than any other candidate and you can offer a solution based on your work history: Does it really matter if you already speak German?

I worked with hundreds of managers and thousands of international professionals over the years. All managers want these three things:

– Employees who take ownership of their project
– Employees who constantly develop themselves – and you see the results
– Employees who understand the bigger goals oft he manager


What you achieve in this course

At the end of this course you should have 5 phone conversations with managers. Managers that you have choosen, because they offer jobs that you are interested in. You will be able to use this conversations to identify the managers biggest challenge and offer a specific solution to this problem.

That will get you the job interview – before you officially apply.

The course is closed. The next course will open in the second half of 2019.

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