Get a list of 500 German companies that hire in English.

That's a total of 8.000 English job offers in Germany.

This amounts to 1/3 of all English job offers in Germany.

This list is from 26. January 2018. The data is up to date.

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Get 500 German employers who hire in English!
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Wie bitte? No, this is neither a typo nor a Freudian slip.

If you are anything like the median expatriate in Germany, then you have already written 50, 100 or 300 job applications.
You got between zero to three job interviews. And zero job offers.

Now think a moment:

If you repeat 500 more times what you have done so far: What will you achieve?

500x the same experience that you had so far: No job.



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My name is Chris Pyak. I am a business coach and I introduce international talent to German employers. My clients are so successful in finding jobs, that I give them a guarantee that they get a job offer within six months – or I will refund their fee. (So far they all got job offers.)

I talked with over 500 German HR managers and CEO's over the years. I listened to the stories of thousands of international professionals like you. And I wrote down the best practices that get expats jobs in Germany.

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And if you really, truly insist on spamming employers with CV's that will be rejected without reading: Here you can buy the list directly.

"How To Win Jobs & Influence Germans" by Chris Pyak